Some Tips for Bedroom Decoration

As the global epidemic cloud hanging over, we are spending a lot more time at home at the moment, it's a good opportunity to consider refreshing our homes and having a bit of a change up of our decor.

The article offers some great ideas on how you can transform your space with bedroom lights and decorations.

01 Clean House - Remove things that are not necessary in your bedroom

The first step to create a comfortable bedroom is to have a clean out of any clutter you no longer need. A messy bedroom can often lead to a messy mind, making you feel more distracted and stressed which reduces the quality of your sleep. Take the time to get rid of any unnecessary bits and bobs in your bedroom, to ensure it is tidy and not too overcrowded.

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02 Put Some Lovely Items in Your Bedroom

Place some pretty things will increase your sense of happiness in your bedroom. Unique items such as a distinctive table lamp or an eye-catching piece of art are sure to bring joy. Plants will also inject a splash of greenery and can be paired with a striking plant pot to beautify your room, or a bright bouquet of flowers sat in a patterned vase works just as well.

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03 Introduce Decorative Lights to Add Brightness and Cheer

String lights are ideal for filling spaces on walls or around the bedframe. You can drape and pin them into position with ease, with the option to let the cable partially hang vertically to the floor or draping them from either end of their bedposts.

Micro lights will add a more delicate look and their brilliantly bendable wire offers the flexibility to shape them anyway you like! These little lights are perfect for introducing a glow to smaller areas or features of the room, with the added benefit of the fine wire being barely visible.

LED candles will also introduce a calming feel to your room and are a safe alternative to real wax candles, with the lifelike flames creating a cozy ambience.

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04 For Children’s Room

Create a lovely bedroom is so important to make your children appreciate the time they spend in it. You can turn it into a fun project for them to get involved with too. Ask them to offer their ideas for what they would like included in their bedroom and put together a mood board to get inspired. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to making a start! Incorporate their favourite colours and feature things which they take an interest in, such as a hobby or their favourite Disney or fictional character. To make it even more individual to them, opt for decorations which include their name or initials as part of the design and make this pride of place within their room. They are sure to love having this claim on their space, giving them a sense of ownership.

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