5 Tips to Hang String Lights for Home Decor

String lights are fabulous decorative pieces that can really transform your ordinary space. There are many ways for beautiful home décor with string lights, let’s look and try.

01 Create a Photo Display.

Simply hang the string lights on the wall with adhesive hooks or nails, then attach photos in between lights with clothespins to make a string light photo display. It is an inexpensive and charming way of displaying your favorite pictures, photos or postcards.

02 Drape Lights Around the Edges of a Mirror.

Put string lights around the edges of a mirror will add a whimsical touch to your everyday morning. It makes you feel happy and create mood lighting in your washing room. In addition, you can wrap the lights on other daily household objects like mirrors, bookshelves, ornamental baskets and so on. Simply drape or attach them in place with things like adhesive hooks, pushpins, and tape.

03 Write Out Lovely Words

Compared with those average lights, like tube light, string lights are more flexible and then easier to write messages with.

First, use adhesive hooks to outline your message on a wall. Then, wind your string lights around these hangers until the lights spell out your message. Such simple practice makes your boringly white wall become lovely and cheerful.

04 Wrap Interesting Shapes on the Wall

Wind your string lights around the outline of a shape, like moon, a tree, a cloud, snowman, or whatever you desire. It makes your room look great and inviting. You can also arrange a string of lights in animal shape that make a great nightlight for a child’s bedroom.

05 Decorate your Headboard with lights.

You can wrap the corner posts or headboard of your bed to give cozy, gentle glow to your bedroom. If you have a canopy, you can wrap the canopy fabric around the lights so that the lights are glowing through the fabric. To make a unified color scheme, you can match the color of lights that you string up with your comforter, blankets, and so on.

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