6 Ways to Arrange String Lights All Year

You may not have thought of string lights as everyday indoor decor before, except, perhaps, in college dorm rooms. But these creative decoration ideas may change your mind. Hung alone, they have a minimalist, artsy-look that suits industrial spaces or city lofts. String lights can also be utilized as a lighting source for other projects, such as nightlights and artwork. Indeed, they have a soft, cozy glow that has a lot of appeal. If you love the ambiance Christmas lights create throughout the holidays and find yourself feeling reluctant to pack them away when the tree comes down, here are some other ways to use string lights throughout the rest of the year.

01 Create a Lovely Spring-style Sofa

If you’re looking for a really easy, fun and inexpensive way to bring some spring decor into your home, this is for you! All it takes is a string of fairy lights, a collection of beautiful green plant. These lights look great in the day as well as the evenings. The light that comes through the green leaves creates the most beautiful colors and glow, make your home super inviting for those warmer days and summer evenings.

Image: @corbelcottage

02 Have a Shining Headboard with Strung up Lights

String up lights between adhesive hooks, nails, or a similar kind of hanger. It looks lovely even in daylights. After the lights are in place, you can attach photos in between lights with clothespins to make a string light photo display.

If you aren't ready to invest in picture frames, this is an inexpensive and charming way of displaying your favorite pictures. Instead of pictures, you can also hang up old postcards for a travel theme.

Image: @makinghomematter

03 Wrap Green Garland with Lights

Spring is coming. You must want to have a light and cheerful scene. Add the string lights on your garland will definitely create a comfortable and happy corner for you. Just refresh and renew your indoor space with string lights.

Image: @number131

04 Drape Along the Window

Attach string lights to the curtain can look really lovely in bedrooms. Long fairy lights are ideal for draping in bedrooms with windows or tall ceilings, creating a whole new feel - bring on the duvet days.

Image: @sarahwilliamshome

05 Decorate your bed with lights. 

If you have a canopy, wrap the canopy frame with lights and allow the ends to trail down into the canopy fabric, or you can wrap the canopy fabric around the lights so that the lights are glowing through the fabric. Even if you don't have a canopy, you can wrap the corner posts of your bed to give cozy, gentle glow to your bedroom. To create a unified color scheme, you may want to match the color of lights that you string up with your comforter, blankets, and so on.


Image:  @thesimplyblessednest

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