Take Spring Home with Vintage String Lights

Sunny days is coming. Warmer climate is returning. You must be expecting a totally refreshing change for your home. Do you have any idea about transforming your winter space into a vigorous and light one? Vintage string lights would be a great idea for you to have spring at home. Read this article on and try to get a pretty house full of spring.

 1. For Living room

Soft and warm glow for a cozy atmosphere makes it look stunning when used to decorate the interior of your home. Perfect for creating joyful and vigorous ambience in the coming spring.

Image: @cottageharborhomes

Image: @tiny_scandi_apartment 


2. For Backyard

The heavy-duty strand with 25 bright independent bulbs perfectly fit with backyard decoration. The bulbs look like real glass bulbs and illuminate independently. If one bulb burns out, the others will stay lit.

Image: @deevine_imaginations

Image: @sissi.dekomaus 


3. For Bedroom

With good-looking appearance, the vintage string light is also nice for bedroom. You can drape around your curtain rods and lighten your room. You will definitely have a sweet dream is such a lovely room.

Image: @treasuresredeemed 

Image: @honeysuckle.decor


4. For Table Piece

If you don’t want your table or cupboard looks empty and boring, consider the vintage string lights. It complements different décor and create a beautiful decoration effect.

Image: @fraugoldschatz

Image: @izzys.homeandgarden


5. For Patio

The vintage string lights looks fantastic in day and light, especially hang outside. Each string of lights has a 24-inch lead wire to plug into an outlet and each bulb features a small clip on the side, you can easily clip it on tree, fence, patio, pergola, deck, awning, Christmas tree, etc.

Image: @lulusheartandhome


Vintage string light itself looks fashionable and elegant. And it’s also exceedingly easy to match within your inside or outside space in spring. Try these string lights and add a dash of color and ambience to your home. You and your loved ones will enjoy a feeling of spring in the air every day.

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