DIY Your Own Mason Jar Fairy Light

Do you want to have a personally handcrafted mason jar fairy light that looks gorgeous in the evening as well as daylight? This article will introduce a simple, quick and easy way to achieve it. Read on and try DIY your own mason jar fairy light. Really ideal for brightening up every nook and cranny around the home.

The lights and materials used for this little DIY project are incredibly purse-friendly.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Micro Fairy Lights
  2. Mason Jar
  3. Brown String
  4. Paint

Create your copper wire mason jar in 5 minutes!

  1. Paint your mason jar into silver or white.
  2. Wrap the jam jar with brown string. Tie the string in a bow for a neat finish.
  3. Pop the micro fairy lights into an empty mason jar – make sure the jar is clean and free of smudges for a pristine looking decoration. Arrange your lights so that they properly fill the jar, keeping the battery box and a little extra wire outside of it.
  4. Put some lovely flowers into it.
  5. Finally, switch your lights on and place your personally hand-crafted mason jar light wherever takes your fancy! Tuck the battery box behind an ornament or leave it behind the mason jar.

This DIY job is quick, cheap and easy to achieve, right? It's a perfect way to revamp any old jam jars you’ve got lying around. You don’t have to create just one; consider making a few of these fab lights that you can dot around the home or bundle them together for a spectacular table centerpiece. Try it and give the wonderful addition to your dinner table.

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