Everyone is a light artist.

We are convinced that the pursuit of aesthetic life shouldn’t be exclusive to limited groups of people, it should also be accessible to the ordinary. With that in mind, we deeply believe everyone could be an artist by applying lights in and around their home, a place where warmth and inspiration are produced.


As an innovative and socially responsible LED lighting brand, we strive to be sustainable possibly anytime and anywhere in our business. In the meantime, we encourage our customers to learn and practice an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Let us enrich your life from here and now on. Everyone is a light artist.

Brand Origin 

More than just a light.

Koopower was born in the U.K. back in 2011, with its R&D center located in the beautiful city of Shenzhen, China. Since then we are so proud of how far it has come. 

Koopower is composed of two different parts: “Koo” & “power”. KOO is  “Keen On Originality”, the cornerstone of how we run our business and develop our products.We aspire to empower our customers to live a better home life with what we can offer

Product Series

More than just a light


 Run The Show In Your House

Available in a variety of styles, meeting your daily and special needs. Perfect for adding a certain ambiance to space, making you the master of all occasions that require lighting.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Life

Developed to meet the needs of young people, this collection introduces cooler color and a more intelligent control experience. Compatible with phone APP, ideal for creating any party vibes and sensuous atmosphere with millions of colors to choose from. It not only syncs with music but syncs with you


What Life Should Be

This collection provides more textured lighting products to meet your rigorous needs. Perfect for elevating your beloved space and rooms to a premium level. They help you transform your life into the way it should be.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Life

Featuring solar-powered function, these products are a great companion for your outdoor activities and exterior decoration with high IP waterproof performance. We encourage you to enjoy your outdoor life with KOOPOWER.