Transform Indoor and Outdoor Place in Spring

As the sun starts to shine, are you getting ready for spring? It’s time to bring the vitality, enthusiasm and romance to your home. This article will share some must-have lighting for this season – they’re sure to carry you through the summer months, too. Let’s look at it.

Fresh Spring Interior

Sunny days and light winds come, remember to move away from winter accessories and get spring ready. Try match the plants with fairy lights, it’s a really simple way of adding a fresh feel and brightening up the room. You can place them at the front door as a welcome to your home as well. Micro fairy lights add a little extra sparkle and glow around your home. Drape over shelving or entwine around foliage for a warm glow in the evening. When adding some spring touches to your home, it couldn’t be easier to transform your space. If you love this look, take the trend outdoors too.

Image: @dailydiaryofmeandmine

Image: @moderngreyfarmhouse

Energetic Spring Outdoor

To create the comfortabel ambiance in your garden this spring, lighting is a must! Vintage string lights is perfect for decorating a canopy overhead or swagging around your outdoor space. Brighten up your trees by wrapping string lights around them and entwine lights around pergolas to illuminate smaller spaces. Whether you display the lights indoors or out, different fairy lights are always perfect paired together.

Create the fabulous setting for outdoor living to make the most of the spring and summer months with friends and family.


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