Transform Your Backyard with Vintage String Lights

Do you want a freshly good-looking space? The delicate vintage lights will be a perfect decorative piece for you. They're super easy to style within your outside space. Add a dash of ambience and romance to to your garden with these vintage lights.

Let’s look at how it transforms your backyard from day to night.




The following are some features for KooPower Vintage String Lights.

① 25 bright independent bulb on the heavy-duty strand look like real glass bulbs and illuminate independently. If one bulb burns out, the others will stay lit.

② Soft and warm glow for a cozy and festive atmosphere makes it look stunning when used to decorate the exterior of your home. Perfect for creating joyful and inviting ambience.

③ Connectable to three strands end-to-end to decorate large areas. Each string of lights has a 24-inch lead wire to plug into an outlet.

④ Each bulb features a small clip on the side, you can easily clip it on tree, fence, patio, pergola, deck, awning, Christmas tree, etc. 

⑤ An amazing lighting set for both everyday decorations and holiday festive decor, like, wrap around trees, string along fences, draping around your curtain rods, or hang anywhere you want to achieve a cozy, decorative glow.

    Try it and enjoy a peaceful time with your loved ones in such a sweet atmosphere.

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