DIY a Flower Light Wall


Sparkling fairy lights and lovely flowers easily transform your blank walls for your indoor living space. And this combination can also create a wonderful backdrop for various events and parties. This article brings you an easy guide to a flower light wall DIY, making your wall shine with the lights of romantic décor to spread cheer and joy. Have a look at it.


Prepare the following materials:

  1. Fairy Light String
  2. Colorful Flowers
  3. Twist Ties


Step 1

Choose a wall in your room that is yearning for that extra sparkle. Hang your fairy lights securely on the wall. You can use nails, thumb tacks, or clear wall hooks to hang the lights up.

Step 2

Attach each flower by inserting it through the centre of each of the fairy light wires.

Step 3

Secure each flower in place with a small twist tie.

Step 4

Repeat the process, distributing the flowers evenly in between the lights, until your display is complete.

Step 5

Once you're pleased with the arrangement of your lights, it's time to turn your lights on to shine.

It's easy to customise your lighting with a few simple tips even though you are not a DIY expert or creative crafter. By using flowers and foliage as a decorative feature, your styling will have a fresh look and will look super cute in whatever setting you choose. Come and try, you will definitely have a beautifully sparkling flower wall.

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