How to Set Timer on Fairy Lights

A programmable timer means you don't have to worry about turning your lights off before you go to bed. If you want the lights to turn on right when it gets dark, all you have to do is set it and forget it.

There are two way to set timer on led fairy lights:

Method A: Timer Button in battery box of fairy lights

turn on timer functions with LED Christmas tree sting lights

  1. Once you turn on the lights, the default timing mode is in 4H and "4H" LED light on.
    In a 24 hr time period, the lights are pre-programmed to go on for 4hrs, and off for 20 hrs.Timer Function
  2. To switch timing period by pressing the "Timer" button.
    6H: 6hrs on, 18hrs off
    8H: 8hrs on, 16hrs off
    24H: Switch to 24H and the "24H" led light on which means no timing (the lights will be on all day)

For example:
To turn the timer on starting at 1:00 pm, switch to “TIMER ON” at 1:00 pm to begin the timer. The fairy lights will go off at 7:00 pm automatically; and turn on at 1:00 pm automatically the following day, then off at 7:00 pm for every 24 hour period until the timer function is canceled or until the batteries die.

Method B: Timer button on Remote Control

remote control of xmas tree lights

Because the lights come with a remote control, you don't need to crouch down and crawl behind your tree or climb on a ladder up to your rafters when you want to change the lights' settings.

  1. When using for the first time, remove the protective transparent film covering the remote (as below picture) to activate the batteryRemote transparent cover from remote control of led string lights
  2. Press ON or OFF button to activate or deactivate the lights
  3. Press "4H", "6H" or "8H" to select different timing period
  4. Press "24H" to disable timing function.

Full Manual for dual button fairy lights here


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