How to store Christmas adornments appropriately

Bringing down and packing up the battery string lights and other decorations you used to decorate your home and tree during Christmas is never as fun as savoring the holiday aura it gives your home during the celebration. Nonetheless, you can follow the steps below if you want your dismantling experience to be at least nearly as fun as when your decorations were on display. If you also want your Christmas decorations to remain whole and unchanged throughout the year, you can follow these steps as well:

Do Not Discard Decoration Boxes

Make it a habit to save the boxes in which your Christmas decorations come, this is because these boxes were made to act as a protective covering for those decorations. Come to think of it, if your decorations were bought whole in those boxes regardless of the various transits it must have undergone to get to you from the factory, don’t you think it could also keep your decorations safe all through the year even if you decide to move it from one room to the other?

Store Similar Decorations in One Place

Even when storage space seems limited, don’t just stuff all your Christmas decorations into one hole, take your time to ensure that each category of decoration is stored separately to make them easier to identify when next you need.

Wind Up and Tie Your Battery String Lights and Wreaths

A whole lot of people tend to face frustrations while disentangling Christmas lights during the holidays. You can avoid this frustration by winding the lights before storing them for the next Christmas. First wind them around your hand and secure them together with special threads, ribbons or twist ties before putting them away. Stiff cardboards would serve as well. Do the same for your decorative wreaths but with larger thread and then place them in the storage vessel with something circular in their middle or hang them on a rod.

Keep Decorations Safe With Sectioned Boxes

Padding Christmas decorations or wrapping them up in tissue paper is another way to store your Christmas ornaments all year round irrespective of their shapes and how small or large they are. You can then place them in sectioned boxes and keep them away. You can obtain this type of box from stores or simply use empty wine boxes. Also take necessary caution to ensure that fragile decorations are not stored at the base of the boxes.

Store Your Garland in the Right Container

It is needful that you store your garlands properly for use during the next holiday. Whether you used an artificial garland or you made some from dried organic materials and flowers, you definitely do not want it crushed out of shape during storage. Simply store them in large hat boxes or buy large plastic containers used for garland storage. Cover your garland with some materials to keep dust from destroying its color if you wish to simply hang them somewhere instead of keeping them in boxes and containers.

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