How to Decorate Bedroom Using Indoor String Lights

If you are in search of some ways through which you can modify the inner setting of your place then you are on the right site. From this article you will be able to get some amazing ways to decorate your bedroom by using string lights.

To enhance the beauty of your place you can do many things including the usage of indoor string lights. These look really cool and have a huge impact on the overall environment of the physical setting of your home. You can make a huge difference when you take these little steps and chance the aura of your place, and nobody can deny this.

The best thing about these string lights are that they are not really expensive and don’t ask you to spend a huge amount on them. By investing a little, you can easily attract many people by making the most out of these lights, as they are cost-effective and look appealing in nature.

We have gathered a few ideas for the sake of your ease so you don’t have to look around anywhere else in search of the best options to go for. Just read this piece of information to find out what you need to know in order to decorate your home with the help of string lights.

indoor string lights

Have a look at the following ways through which you can decorate your bedroom with string lights:

String Lights over the Bed

This is one of the finest ways through which you can give a marvelous impression over those who enter into your bedroom. If you really need to know how decorate bedroom using indoor string lights in the simplest way possible then there is no other option better than this one.

It is up to you whether you want to hang a single layer of string light over your bed or need to go for more than one. After arranging them you will be able to see the great illuminating view of your room. It sure would be a treat for your eyes.

String Lights over the Bed

String Lights in Children’s Bedroom

You can see the magical impression of these cool looking string lights once the other lights are off and they are the single source of lighting in the bedroom. These would be perfect for teenagers or dorm bedrooms; as they create a comfy atmosphere that makes you feel like home. Wrap the lights overhead or near the bed to cover it with the warm shade of yellow that the lights are glowing, making the bed a focus of the room.

String Lights in Children’s Bedroom

Lights over the Ceiling

Trying hanging the string lights over the ceiling to create a romantic ambiance, by doing that you will see whenever the lights dangle from one place to another, how much they look cool and magnifies the whole aura of your room. It also highlights the cozy feeling of space of the entire room.

Decorating on the Wall

Need to do something that gives your room a true representation of yourself? Just use the string lights and give them a form according to your personality. For example you can make a heart shape on the wall with the help of lights, you can also write words or letters that you think actually states who you are and how you feel.

Words, they could best represent you. This would be a great way to utilize these lights in your bedroom as this tactic tells a lot about you in general without you telling people about yourself. This is really creative and artistic at the same time.

Lights over the Canopy

You can beautifully brighten your bed and give it a fairytale-like touch by hanging the string lights over the canopy that is placed above your bed. You will see the warm and serene feeling, a finest combination for a bedroom with surreal touch.

Lights over the Canopy

String Lights in Bottom of the Bed Frame

Putting the lights on the bottom of the bedroom framed can also be a wonderful idea to go for. You can see how beautifully they illuminate your room and leaves a long lasting impact on everyone.

String Lights in Bottom of the Bed Frame

String Lights above the Curtains

Covering the upper part of curtains with the help of string lights can also be done to improve the beauty of your room. You can easily do that and it is up to you in which color you need to buy these lights and whether or not one layer would work or you need more than one.

You can also try out these string lights according to your room’s décor or wall paints. They are very reasonable at price and will look really cool over your curtains.

String Lights above the Windows

A single layer or two of string lights can work fine if you hang them over the window. These look really great and doesn’t bother you much as you can easily open the windows and close it whenever you need to without taking off the lights.

LED Stuffed Animal Nightlight

Here's another way to make a nightlight with the help of using string lights. You can try out LED lights to interchange the stuffing in a stuffed animal. This would be another bright idea to try out, so if you have a stuffed toy in your bedroom then you can go for this one as well.

LED Stuffed Animal Nightlight

Illuminated Wall Art

In case you are into art and portraits then covering a string of light or two would be a wonderful way to amplify the grace of your room. By doing that you can add a lot of spark into your room and can make the wall art an amazing center of attraction for the visitors.

Illuminated Wall Art

String Lights Photo Display

Make your memories alive for good by showing your photos, small art prints, or your child's artwork clothesline-style with a layer of string lights. This would look magnificent as you can always stay in touch with your old memories. Put the pictures of your loved ones hanging over the string of lights and see them to give yourself a nostalgic feel.

String Lights in Lava Lamp

Different colors dancing in an ice-covered vase will give you a liveliness that is perfect for any room in your house. A layer of multi-colored lights fills with the vase, running off the battery pack to the side. You can put it in a dark corner and let the lights fill up the night. It’s surely would look great in front of a mirror.

Dangling Lights on the Mirror

Obviously you would have a mirror in your bedroom and would not mind a pair of string lights over it. Try this out and you will definitely love it. This would really look great and have a magical impact over the room’s aura.

Dangling Lights on the Mirror

Illuminate a Dark Corner

In case you have a place far away from lights then this would be great that you use a few string lights there just to cover that area so it doesn’t look dark or dull. By doing that you will artistically make the place look graceful and give it an imaginative look.

Illuminate the Threshold with Lights

The beauty is always in the details you add into to your living space. By including lines of lights around the doors of your home is one of the finest ways to bring that special delight. It is a useful idea, offering light during the night.

It is also fanciful as with a squish of fairy light dancing around the portals of your home. You will see whenever someone enters into your room how much they would love the way it looks.


All the above mentioned ideas when it comes to decorating your bedroom with string lights are some of the best ones that can be easily applied whenever one wants to. In case you are thinking about making some changes into your inner settings then there is no other better solution than going for string lights as they are reasonable at price and easy to use.

We hope that this article would be helpful for you in order to find some unique ways through which you can make a huge different without spending a huge amount of money if you are up for room décor. Just try your favorite idea and see how much it changes your whole setting, inspires your mood and gives your inner vibe at a whole new level.

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