Fairy Lights for Bedroom Ideas 丨 5 Tips to Create a Lovely Bedroom

String lights aren't just for holidays, weddings, and outdoor décor. They can actually go a long way in providing a warm, ambient glow in almost any room of your home—especially bedrooms.

So, how to make a lovely bedroom with string lights?

Here are some ideas for you.

Try them and make a favourite room in the house!


1. String Lights + Bed

If you fancy a change from your bedside lamp or you just don’t have the space for a bedside table, it’s time to add something a little bit different to your space – fairy lights are the perfect alternative! Simply swag them up high to frame your headboard, or hang close together for plenty of light!

LEDs are completely safe around fabric, as they remain cool to the touch, making them ideal for bedrooms.


 2. String Lights + Window

Attach string lights to the curtain can look really lovely in bedrooms. Long fairy lights are ideal for draping in bedrooms with windows or tall ceilings, creating a whole new feel - bring on the duvet days.



 3. String Lights + Photo Feature Wall

When placing photographs in your bedroom, photo frames can feel a little formal and take up valuable space, making it tricky to find the perfect spot. If you can’t choose between all of your photos, a lovely idea is to display your pictures from fairy lights.


 4. String Lights + Mirror

Simply wrap around the mirror frame in your bedroom, enjoy a magic and delightful mirror feeling-you may find yourself more charming in a lights-hanging mirror.


 5. String Lights + Dressing Table/Desk

If there is a dressing table or desk in your room, why not hang a string of fairy lights on them. Warm white lighting creates a subtle glow for a cosy, romantic morning or night.


Fairy lights is a versatile decoration piece, there are a lot of ways to use it for making a lovely space.

Try and explore more funny ideas to have a fantastic bedroom.

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