7 Benefits of KooPower LED String Lights with Remote and Timer

If you want something really unique and beautiful this Christmas, consider these LED string lights. When you want to decorate for Christmas, you have a lot of lights to choose from, but none of them have as many benefits and advantages as the string lights do. You want your Christmas decorating experience to be as painless and easy as possible, and that is exactly what the string lights provide. Let’s look at some of the major benefits of string lights and help you see that these are the perfect ones for your Christmas decorations. These are amazing lights, and once you get to know them you will agree that they are the perfect ones for your Christmas decorating needs.

They Are Portable

Indoor Fairy Lights

First, these KooPower lights are totally portable. The reason why that is significant is that you are able to make your own Christmas decorations that have these lights embedded into them and then take them and place them anywhere. These lights are battery-operated, and the batteries are going to last you throughout the entire season and potentially for several years to come. That makes them really easy to use anywhere – including indoors and outdoors. When it comes to Christmas decorations, not having to worry about plugging in lights or taxing your electrical grid or outlets any more than necessary is important and string lights provide you with an opportunity to avoid using additional electricity altogether.

They Can Be Seen From Far Away

These can also be seen from quite far away in comparison with ordinary Christmas lights because of the fact that they are LED. LED lights are much brighter than the Christmas lights that you had when growing up, and when people pass by outside, they will see your tree or other Christmas decorations clearly. LED lights can make a huge difference when it comes to decorating your yard, and they can truly make a huge difference whether you are decorating outdoor bushes or trees, hanging them on your roof or porch or making DIY decorations such as signs and glowing ornaments from them.

Weatherproof (IP 65)

These string lights are also waterproof which is extremely important when you’re using them for winter. Not everyone has snow in the winter, but there is probably at least the possibility of rain sometime during the winter season. That’s why it is important to be as safe as possible when you are decorating outdoors. Because the string lights are completely waterproof, you don’t have to worry about plugging them into your electrical outlets or whether they will get wet and short out. You can hang these lights in places that you would not put your plugged-in Christmas lights because there is too much snow and it could get into connections between strands of lights or lights and extension cords.

They Come With a Remote

They also come with a remote which can be extremely useful and allow you to control the lights from inside your home. There are many different functions that come with the remote control. You can shoot you want your lights to be from barely perceptible to the maximum amount of brightness, you can turn the lights on and off with the remote or you can set them to one of the eight different lighting modes, all from the comfort of your living room or porch. Remote controls also allow you to synchronize your lights which can be useful if you are trying to get them to all flash the same or put them to music.

Timer Included

There is a timer so that you can shut them off after a certain time or figure out when you want your lights to turn on and off. This is a useful feature because you can save the battery and only run your lights when they’re going to be seen. During the daytime, it will be a lot harder for these lights to be seen clearly, so you may want to turn them on only when nighttime comes and even turn them off when there is no one driving around or walking by to see them. The timer is one of the most useful features that a string of lights can have, and these strands have extremely robust timers that gives you a lot of options.

8 Lighting Modes

There are eight different lighting modes for you to choose from. Lighting modes are great because you can set different strands of lights to flash or light up in particular patterns depending upon where you place them in your yard or home. You can even set them to music if you choose the pattern properly. It takes a little bit of work to get lights to flash or run with a piece of music, but once you have it set, you are able to run them over and over with a great Christmas ongoing the people will want to take video of and stop their cars to watch. Multiple lighting modes with these fairy lights can be extremely useful for creating the perfect winter theme in your yard.

They Are the Perfect Length for Décor

With 40/80/100/200 lights to a strand, these are the perfect length for all of the decor ideas do you have that involve string lights. You can hang them from your porch railing, roof or decorating tape some chairs with them. You can use string lights to decorate trees in your yard or use them throughout bushes and other foliage. There are so many different decor ideas out there, and these are the perfect length to fit with most of those ideas. When it comes to Christmas decorations, string lights can be one of the greatest decor tools that you have at your disposal and with them you will be able to create an amazing design that turns your home from ordinary to an amazing winter wonderland that you will enjoy throughout the entire season.

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