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Sand Free Compact Beach & Picnic Blanket - 55″x67″ (Blue)

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Quick Overview

  • This oversized beach blanket is 55″x67″ which is 20% larger than normal beach blankets. The blanket has corner pockets that can be filled with up with stones or sand to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. The pocket loops at the corners can also be attached via camping stakes. Its extra size makes it suitable for use by up to 4 people

  • The blanket can be used in multiple scenarios, including going to the beach, parks, picnics, sporting events, family trips, camping, open-air festivals, hiking, and fishing. Apart from using it as a beach mat, it is also suitable to be used as an improvised shelter from the rain, or simply as an emergency pad.

  • The adapted dual layer mesh technology allows sand to fall straight through, leaving the mat free from sand, even on the beach! You could add a towel on it for increased comfort.

  • Fill the four pockets will secure the blanket from being blown away by the wind. Although these multifunction pockets help weigh down your blanket, they can also be used to store any personal items you may have with you.

  • The high quality Waterproof Polyester cloth is waterproof, puncture resistant and sand proof and nothing sticks to it. Simply shake the blanket to enjoy a sand free experience. The material will also dry quickly when it gets wet.


The KooPower sand free beach mat will keep sand, dust, and water away from you and is easy to carry and use with the free bag and anchors provided.

The blanket is foldable, and packs into its 4” x 5” travel bag, making it easy to pack in your bag together with your bathing suit

The blanket is durable and easy to maintain, while at the same time being mold resistant, wrinkle resistant, water resistant, and machine washable (hang dry, do not iron)

Filling the 4 corner pockets with sand will weigh the blanket down to make it windproof. Alternatively, you can use the four anchor stakes and loops to keep your blanket from accidentally flying away.

The blanket can be used for multiple purposes such as on the beach, while camping, or during festivals, concerts, and picnics. It can also be used as a car seat cover or camping tarp. Be sure to always keep one in your car, at your holiday howm and with your camping gear.


  • Material: Advanced Polyester
  • Dimensions: 55″x67″
  • Bag: 4.3” x 5.5”
  • Big enough for a family of 4-5
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:


The premium quality blanket has a 30 days manufacturer money back guarantee with one-year free replacement. If you experience any problems, contact the KooPower’s customer service team.


Customer Reviews

Great for the beach or even a picnic Review by Parth
This is a great for a trip to the beach or even for a family picnic the size of the sheet is insnely large for the size of the package. Will fit even in a purse or a zipper to a luggage bag perfect for any outdoor trip. (Posted on 6/20/2018)

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