Manual: How To use KooPower Remote LED Fairy Lights (Manual in EN | DE | FR)


8 Modes:

  1. Wave
  2. Slo Glo
  3. Sequential
  4. Chasing / Flashing
  5. Twinkle/Flash
  6. Slow fade
  7. Steady on
  8. Combination


When this option is selected, the lights will turn on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. This sequence will continue until the lights are turned off, or the battery runs flat.


As the lights are rated IP65, they can be used outdoors.

Clear Cable

The LEDs are mounted in a clear cable, providing an elegant character and refined warmth to your decorations.



1. The remote controller should be faced to the front of the control box (Signal Receiver).The remote distance is within 10 ft.
2. By pressing OFF and then ON, the previous or current mode will be selected
3. How long the lights last depends on batteries(3 x AA batteries, not included). So we suggest you select high quality batteries.
4. The timer function will work only when you switch to ‘TIMER' .