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Expandable Garden Hose, 50ft Expanding Extra Strength Stretch Fabric Lightweight Flexible Water Hose

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Quick Overview

  • ALL THE HOSE YOU NEED: When you turn on the water, this hose expands to up to three times its original size, extending from 16ft to 50ft in length for 50 full feet of hose. Note: When the pressure reaches 4kg=4Bar=0.4MPa, the hose expands to 50ft(Maximum)

  • INCREDIBLE DURABILITY: No more leaks, tear or cracks - Our metal connectors are better able to resist wear and tear, giving you more years of use from your hose. Plus, our hose is frost-proof and weather-resistant,which can withstand water pressure 3-12 Bar and temperature 0℉-140℉

  • NINE SPRAYERS IN ONE: The multifunction spray gun included with the hose offers nine different spray patterns, so you can use the hose for all types of lawn and garden maintenance,Select right type of the stream and water plants, clean garden or pool, shower pet or wash car

  • NO TANGLES, NO HASSLES: The kink-free design ensures that water flows freely, and makes our hose so much easier to store

  • SAFE FOR YOU & THE PLANET: Our expandable garden hose is nontoxic and made from environmentally friendly materials, and it doesn't have the harsh chemical odor of similar hoses on the market


The lightweight KooPower WATER HOSE will eliminate the drudgery of using a heavy, bulky traditional hose on a clumsy reel, making watering your garden, washing your dog or cleaning your outdoor windows easier and faster.

1. Never again worry about twisting, kinking, knotting or other hassles when using your water hose.
2. Triples in size when water runs through it, allowing the hose to be small, compact and easy to store when not in use
3. Heavy duty brass connectors keep tight to the water spigot and to the optional spray gun; connectors are compatible with most spray guns

Nine Spray Effects
- Angle
- Center
- Cone
- Flat
- Full
- Jet
- Mist
- Shower
- Soaker
Easily rotate the head of the spray nozzle to adjust the settings.

External Factor for Leak Problem
1 Check if your spray nozzle fits with the hose properly. The hose connector is a universal standard.
2 The sprayer also should be built in with a leak-proof washer, if not it may cause the leak problem.

Proper Storage and Use
1 When using the hose, try not to use at the highest flow rate if your pressure if your water pressure is strong
2 Don't store the hose in the sun or with pressure in the hose. Completely drain prior to storage. Cover as necessary to protect from the sun or keep it shaded
3 During use try not to step on the pressurized hose and use caution so it does not get snagged or caught on a sharp object. Lay it out straight toward the area that you need to water
4 IMPORTANT: The length it expands depends on the water pressure, so please ensure the enough press( 4kg=4Bar=0.4MPa) then it can expand to the full length.

Package Contents:
1x Nine modes spray gun
1x Knitted Fabric Material Hose
2x Female Connector Rubber Washer 
2x Male Connector Rubber Washer
1x User Manual


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